Mónica Garrido creates visionary spaces for storytelling and representation in the queer and Latinx community through her astonishing work!

Shaina Silver is a multi-talented star with an incredible sense of humour! Acting, singing and songwriting are just some of her talents!

A big heart and commitment to help others are what's behind Neil, a talented performer, Theatre-educator, Director and Producer.

Sedina Fiati is a creative mind behind both: stage and screen! She performs, creates and produces terrific projects.

Augusto Bitter is a specialist in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies who have trained in Paris, Switzerland, and Canada!

A talented Actress and Filmmaker that has participated in Suits, Murdoch Mysteries and Designated Survivor: Liz Whitmere!

Nothing stops Olexandra Pruchnicky and her creativity! From music to fashion and even painting... she rocks!

Nadine is unique! An actor, writer, theatre creator, aspiring filmmaker and on top of that, a self-published author of a poetry collection!

"I pray for the day the theatre I create is called an abomination" Aaron Jan says! 🧐

Alto Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar and singing? Is something Chris Weatherstone can't do?