The Profiles Project

We're The Profiles Project.

After hearing their stories, we decided to take it a step further to help our community by creating a social media platform where artists could create an individual profile to feature their work, connect and follow other artists and host all of their links in one place.

Create a profile for free today. We want to hear your story.

The Profiles Project


In 2019 we created 50 video profiles of artists.
In 2020 we're asking artists to share their story.

SIESKI incorporates her love of singing and storytelling into her music, described as moody alternative and indie-folk. Are you ready to listen? 🎶

Jessica Johnston is a Theatre Producer who wants to focus on creating more original Canadian work, featuring Canadian talent! 🇨🇦

"The kind of person who can see the beauty in the strangest things, and places" visual artist Logan Salter describes himself 👀

Nyssa Glück is a passionate cinematographer who has won impressive awards during her career! 🎥

An inspiring artist whose poetry has been featured in Carte Blanche and The Literary Review of Canada! Meet Benjamin Hackman.