Presented by:
The Profiles Project

We're hosting a challenge to support the arts community.
So tell us about your art!

Share your story with us as a video-essay and tell us about:
  • who you are
  • what is your creative expression of choice, and
  • why it is important to you?

And the best part? The best video-essay will win $500

To sign up, head over to www.theprofilesproject.com.

1. Sign up and create a profile
2. Create a 2-3 minute video essay.
3. Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo.
4. Post the link to your personal profile page and tag #thisismyart.
5. Share the link to your profile on your social media.

You are a creative or work in a creative industry YOU ARE ELIGIBLE.

That means you can be:
  • You are an arts worker.
  • You work on or off stage or in-front of or behind a camera.
  • You can design fashion, or hair or make-up.
  • You can sing, write music or lyrics, or play an instrument.
  • You create visual or performance art.
  • You dance or you choreograph.
  • You tell jokes or write comedy.
  • You perform.
  • You produce.
  • You direct.
  • You design.
  • You stage manage.
  • You cast.
  • You edit.
  • You make theatre or film or videos or music or photography or comedy or art or illustrations or fashion or dance
  • You know that creativity is important to you.

No purchase necessary.